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Smokin‘n Hot Swiss Rockabilly

Since their take-off in the year 2007, The Rockets have been on the road constantly. After various shows in America and Russia, the band tours in their bus across Europe. Of course they are also frequently back in Switzerland, their homeland. For some time now, The Rockets have been among the bands, which are booked most often in Switzerland.

The Rockets take back their audience to the good old days of the 40s and 50s. Their programme consists mainly of original compositions. Of course some classics from that time are also being played.

Hot Smokin’n Swiss Rockabilly - wild, authentic Rockabilly with a strong pinch of Sax & Roll. That’s exactly what it is. The five Swiss cats like it hot and smoky, which may of course also be because of their fondness for good cigars. But primarily they tend to make the tubes of their amps glow.

With „Space Mission“ and „Nailpolish, Lies and Gasoline“, the musicians have already published two albums in proper style.

At smaller events, The Rockets play on demand with an original, restored tube amplifier from the late 50s. With the most up-to-date technology and their own sound engineer they are able, for bigger events, to fill with sound venues for up to 1000 persons.

After arrangement, the band places their PA and the backline at the disposal of other bands. But only when also The Rockets are booked for the same concert.

„Go for it folks, let the joint jumping“